Almost There

On Sunday, in three days, I’ll be on an airplane.  Vacation? not exactly.  Where I go it may be raining so much that there will be a lake in the front yard of this old beautiful run down house where I’ll be staying.

But I’ll be spending precious time with this old dear woman, my Mom.  She will be happy to see me, she’s already waiting and anticipating my visit.  We will have breakfasts of fresh bread- bought at the corner store- with instant Nescafe, or such, and fresh fruits, milk..  And conversations will be limited, or repeated several times with the same themes.

And I’ll be happy because she is my last connection to home.  To my roots.  To my whole being. Wait for me Mom, I’m coming!


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Mom & I

Mom & I

My last connection

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Cordelia ~ relates to H E A R T

It can be smart, and intelligent, and funny but if it’s not coming from the heart it just won’t do.  I make the resolution, then, to be truthful and candid.

A new territory to thread then.  I’ll explore my memory, later, but now it’s best to write down things that happen now in the present time.

Peace of mind is attained by people who know who they are, that know where they’re going or what they want.  Easy if you are one of them, focused person, blessed one, lucky one (?) I’m referring to you.  But me? I have heart. I’ve decided that will give me a good start.  1 2 3 here I go~ end of chapter for now 🙂

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A heartfelt thing today

Today is the new Jeremy Lin era, I’m watching the Knicks play the Kings (Sacramento) while I create my first post.  He is young and a basketball star already since last friday.  Good things are happening while we wait and hope for the Economy to return with a bang, bringing jobs for my sons and all the grown-up children of our world. Hurry Economy, please!!!

My Valentine’s flowers arrived today, February 15.  They were probably laying around on a landing in the building at work, forgotten or lost.  I put them in water and the tulips & irises perked up and flashed their messaje: my husband was thinking of me. Yesterday is gone, it’s past. Today is good and ended well.  Even my boss thought yesterday was better gone and forgotten.

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