It sucks, but I’m still here.

Some people in my family have ingrained hang-ups.  I do come from this family.  Boy! this thing exists together with the good weather around here… and it’s in our genes.  My Dad and I were sitting on a park bench and he said- about 35 + years ago- “You stay here and you become (indolent) like it.  I think it’s in the perfect climate of C_ _ _ba.”   So, I stayed out.

And, it’s never been truer now that I’m back and trying to work something out.  It has taken me a life time to know I can defeat it.  This rut is not going to put me down because I will not follow the negative thread.  I’m going to fight it, any which way I can.

The sucking thing is the powerlessness to lend a hand.  And what right do I have to think my  way is the better one.  They seem happy in their own way.


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