Cordelia ~ relates to H E A R T

It can be smart, and intelligent, and funny but if it’s not coming from the heart it just won’t do.  I make the resolution, then, to be truthful and candid.

A new territory to thread then.  I’ll explore my memory, later, but now it’s best to write down things that happen now in the present time.

Peace of mind is attained by people who know who they are, that know where they’re going or what they want.  Easy if you are one of them, focused person, blessed one, lucky one (?) I’m referring to you.  But me? I have heart. I’ve decided that will give me a good start.  1 2 3 here I go~ end of chapter for now 🙂


About corde7ia

I want to write about life, my own and life around my life circle to be "played with the cards at hand". Before time and ourselves forget what we leave before the big goodbye.
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